Housecall: your doctor’s office at your doorstep

Housecall’s innovative full-service primary care model with home visits and virtual primary care is changing the way you view health and wellness care. 

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Illustration of a man helping an elderly woman, a doctor and a mother and her child. Infront of a house.

Housecall offers the same services you find in a traditional doctor’s office, but with far more benefits.

Housecall vs A Traditional Doctor's Office

Illustration of a calendar.
Illustration of sun and the moon, representing the 24/7 virtual care that Housecall provides.
Illustration of chat bubbles, representing the in-app messaging feature.
Colorful illustration of three lab tubes.
Illustration of a house.
Illustration of two people sitting on a couch, representing in-person consultation.
Illustration/avatar of a primary care provider.
Illustration of a magnifying glass.


Same/next day in-person appointments
Full-service medical care anywhere
Virtual care
Lab testing at home
Prescriptions delivery
Housecall providers who care about your health and wellness goals
Housecall providers who take the time to listen to you
Primary care that caters to your health needs

Traditional Doctor's Office
(Sounds familiar?)

Weeks or months to get an appointment
In-clinic services
Paperwork and bureaucracy
Complicated lab procedures
Inconvenient prescription refill procedures
Lack of continuity of care
Limited (if any) preventative and holistic care
Incentivized to see the most patients in the least time, often impersonal